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Contract Carriage is a motor vehicle which carries passengers for hire or reward and is engaged under a contract, for the use of such vehicle as a whole for the carriage of passengers mentioned therein and entered into by a person with a holder of a permit in relation to such vehicle or any person authorised by him in this behalf on a fixed or an agreed rate or sum.

(a) On a time basis, whether or not with reference to any route or distance; or

(b) From one point to another,

And in either case, without stopping to pick up or set down passengers not included in the contract any where during the journey.

Contract carriage and Staged Carriage compared and contrasted-

(i) There must be a prior contract, express or implied (to transport a passenger or passengers)
(ii) That the contract must indicate as to who are the passengers to be carried;
(iii) That the contract shall have been entered into by a person with the holder of the permit or any person authorised by him; and
(iv) That the engagement 'under a contract' is for the use of the vehicle as a whole. The words 'under a contract' cannot be read in the context as referring both to single contract and more than one contract.

A stage carriage is intended to meet different requirements of the general travelling public. But the contract carriages are for those who want to hire the vehicles collectively or individually for a group or party for their transport from place to place and the whole vehicle is at their disposal.

Most of the Stage Carriage Permits are exclusively held by APSRTC in all the Important Routes.

How to know whether the bus is a contract carriage?

Note the Registration Number and Click Here.