State Codes

Section of 444(E), dated 12-6-1989: In exercise of the powers conferred by sub section(6) of Section 41 of the Motor Vehicles Act,1988 (59 of 1988), the Central Government hereby allots to the States and Union territories specified in column(1) of the Table below, the groups of letters specified in teh corresponding entry in column(2) thereof. for use as registration mark for each State and Union Territory to be followed by the code number of the Registering Authority to be alloted by the State Government or as the case may be the Administrator of the Union Territory and not exceeding four figures, to be used as registration mark.

Group of letters for States / Union Terrirories

Sl.No. State/Union Terrirories Group of letters
1 Andaman and Nicobar AN
2 Andhra Pradesh AP
3 Arunachal Pradesh AR
4 Assam AS
5 Bihar BR
6 Chandigarh CH
7 Dadra and Nagar Haveli DN
8 Daman and Diu DD
9 Delhi DL
10 Goa GA
11 Gujarat GJ
12 Haryana HR
13 Himachal Pradesh HP
14 Jammu and Kashmir JK
15 Karnataka KA
16 Kerala KL
17 Lakshadweep LD
18 Madhya Pradesh MP
19 Maharashtra MH
20 Manipur MN
21 Meghalaya ML
22 Mizoram MZ
23 Nagaland NL
24 Orissa OR
25 Pondicherry PY
26 Punjab PN
27 Rajasthan RJ
28 Sikkim SK
29 TamilNadu TN
30 Tripura TR
31 Uttar Pradesh UP
32 West Bengal WB

Where the four figures referred to in paragraph 1 reaches 9999, the next series shall begin with alphabet 'A' followed by not more than four figures and thereafter with alphabet 'B' followed by not more than four figures and so on until all the alphabets excluding 'I' and 'O' are exhausted:

Provided that the letters shall be in English and the figures shall be in Arabic numeral and the letters and figures shall be painted in reflecting colours and shall be shown:

  • in the case of transport vehicles other than those under the Rent a Cab Scheme, 1989, in black on a white ground;
  • in the case of motor vehicles temporarily registered, in red on a yellow ground;
  • in the case of motor vehicles in the possession of dealers, in white on a red ground;
  • in other cases, in white on a black ground;
  • in the case of transport vehicle under the Rent a Cab Scheme, 1989, in yellow on a black ground.

This notification shall come into force on the first day of july, 1989.