• the person who acquired or purchase a motor vehicle at a public auction conducted by or on behalf of the Central Government or a State Government shall make an application in Form 32 within thirty days of taking possession of the vehicle to the registering authority accompanied by:-
    • The appropriate fee as specified in rule 81;
    • The certificate of registration and insurance;
    • The certificate or order confirming the sale of the vehicle in his favour duly signed by the person authrorised to conduct the auction; and
    • The certified copy of the order of the Central Government or State Government authorizing the auction of the vehicle.
  • Where the vehicle auctioned is a vehicle without any registration mark or with a registration mark which on verification is found to be false, the registering authority shall, subject to the provisions of section 44, assign a new registration mark to the vehicle in the name of the department of the Central Government or State Government auctioning the vehicle and thereafter record the entries of transfer of ownership of the vehicle giving the name and address of the person to whom the vehicle is sold:
    • [provided that motor vehicle in the name of Central Government or State Government shall not be transferred by the concerned registering authority without verifying the proceedings of auction or disposal of the concerned vehicle].