1. Application to be used : Form PSCA as prescribed under Rule 171(i) of A.P.M.V.Rules, 1989.
2. Documents to be enclosed to the application. :
  1. Neat sketch of the existing route and the portion related to the variation with stage to stage to stage distances with all the important roads connected to the route in question duly shown in triplicate.
  2. Statement showing the details of the existing trips and the proposed trips.
  3. Existing time table and the proposed time table.
  4. Original Permit.
  5. Fitness Certificate.
  6. Insurance Certificate.
  7. Proof of payment of tax for the current quarter.
  8. Original Authorisation granted.(In respect of National Permit Vehicle)
  9. Demand Draft/s with regard to payment of composite tax/taxes.(In respect of National Permit Vehicle, if required.)
  10. The resolution of the RTA/STA or the order of the Court
  11. Payment of green tax wherever applicable.
3. Fee to be paid : As prescribed under Rule 236 of A.P.M.V.Rules.