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Commissioner's Office

The Department is administered by the Transport Commissioner who is the Head of the Transport Department and is assisted by an Additional Commissioner and four Joint Commissioners, 3 Regional Transport Officers, 1 Regional Transport officer as State Representative before State Transport Appellate Tribunal and 1 Accounts Officer in the Head Office. At the field level the Transport Commissioner is assisted by Deputy Transport Commissioner's of Transport who provide the overall supervision and coordination of all transport offices at the district level.

Transport Department

Sl.No Designation Name Office Cell Mail ID
1 Transport Commissioner Manish Kumar Sinha, I.P.S. 2572400 9154294001 tc@aptransport.org
2 Addl. Tr. Commissioner S.A.V. Prasada Rao - 9154294002 atc@aptransport.org
3 Jt. Transport Commissioner (Plg.&Admn.) L.S.M.Ramasree - 9154294003 jtc_plg@aptransport.org
4 Jt. Transport Commissioner (V&E) S.Venkateswara Rao - 9154294004 jtc_vig@aptransport.org
5 Jt. Transport Commissioner (IT, IT Stores & Road Safety) Ch Sridevi   9154294515 jtc_it@aptransport.org
6 Regional Jt. Transport Commissioner-Visakhapatnam (Zone I) Dr. Sundar - 9154317127 jtc_visakhapatnam@aptransport.org 
7 Regional Jt. Transport Commissioner-Vijayawada (Zone II) Sri N.Sivarama Prasad   9154317128 jtc_Vijayawada@aptransport.org
8 Regional Jt. Transport Commissioner-Guntur (Zone III) Smt. Krishnaveni   9154317126 jtc_guntur@aptransport.org
9 Regional Jt. Transport Commissioner-Tirupathi (Zone IV) M.Basi Reddy   9154317133 jtc_tirupathi@aptransport.org
10 Deputy Transport Commissioner (IT) I Siva Prasada Rao - 9848528308 dtc_it@aptransport.org
11 Deputy Transport Commissioner (Admn.) R.Jagadeeswara Raju      
12 Deputy Transport Commissioner (Audit) R.Nageswara Rao      
13 Chief Accounts Officer & Financial Advisor T.Narayana - 9154294006 cao_fa@aptransport.org 
14 Asst. Secretary - 1 D. Mani Kumar - 9154294010  
15 Asst. Secretary- 2 P Silaja - 9154294015  
16 Asst. Secretary - 3 CHSV.  Bala Subramanyam - 9154294008