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Road Safety
Alarmed at the increasing number of road accidents, Transport Department has drawn a comprehensive road safety programme in the name of SAFAR (Safety Always For All Roads). The programme was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of A.P. on 2 nd October 2005 to bring down the number of accidents. The programme has taken into consideration all factors that contribute to road accidents, be it the behavior of driver , the condition of the vehicle and inadequacy of roads. The programme is being continued. So far, 4.55 lac drivers, 2.21 lac students and 1,515 stakeholders have been sensitized in addition to wide publicity programmes.
Accident Scenario
Year (Calender) No.of Accidents % Growth No.of Deaths % Growth No.of Persons Injured % Growth
2003 34,826 - 9,679 - 47,477 -
2004 38,937 11.8 11,046 14.12 56,439 18.88
2005 38,339 -1.54 11,076 0.27 53,666 -4.91
2006 42,855 11.78 12,397 11.93 60,068 11.93
2007 44,744 4.41 13,450 8.49 62,699 4.38
Road Safety Measures undertaken as a part of SAFAR Programme

Procured 55 breath analyzers to check drink driving , 38 speed laser guns to check over speed, 5 Mobile Interceptors fitted with the road safety gadgets like Speed Laser Guns, Breath Analyzer, Surveillance Camera and Pollution Testing equipment and 22 Surveillance Cameras and 6 Cranes for Police Department.

  1. Prohibited plying of Autorikshaws on Highways.
  2. Driving Licences of drivers involved in fatal / grievous road accident are being Suspended / cancelled.
  3. State Level Road Safety Council strengthened with additional members. District Level Road Safety Committees reconstituted with District Collector as Chairman for effective functioning.
  4. Road Safety Cells created at Transport Commissioner's Office as well as at all district offices.
  5. Empowered Sub-Inspector of Police to check visible offences.
  6. Road Safety fund is created to incur expenditure on Road Safety related activities to the extent of Rs.10 Crores (25% of Service Charges collected by the Dept).
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