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  UNIT OFFICE VUYYURU(AP516) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  MAHABOOBNAGAR(AP022) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  KURNOOL(AP021) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  KHAMMAM(AP020) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  KARIMNAGAR(AP015) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  KAKINADA(AP005) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  HINDUPUR(AP102) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  GUNTUR (AP007) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  ELURU (AP037) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  BHIMAVARAM (AP137) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  ANATHAPURAM (AP002) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  AMALAPURAM (AP205) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  ADILABAD (AP001) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  NUZVID (AP416) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  MACHILIPATNAM(AP216) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  GUDUR(AP226) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  KAVALI (AP326) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  SULLURPET(AP426) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  NELLORE (AP026) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  CHITTOOR(AP003) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  TIRUPATI (AP103) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  MADANAPALLE(AP203) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  PATANCHERUVU(AP423) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  SURYAPET(AP424) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  MIRYALAGUDA(AP324) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  BHONAGIRI(AP124) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  ANAKAPALLI (AP131) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  JANGAREDDYGUDEM (AP237) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  TADEPALLIGUDEM (AP437) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  TANUKU (AP537) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  KOVVURU(AP337) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  PALKOLE(AP637) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  JAGAYYAPET (AP616) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  JANGOAN (AP136) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  MAHABUBABAD(AP236) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  KOTHAGUDEM (AP220) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  SATTUPALLI (AP320) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  ADONI (AP221) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  KAMAREDDY (AP325) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  BHODHAN (AP225) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  ARMOOR (AP125) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  MANDAPETA (AP405) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  KATHIPUDI (AP305) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  RAVULAPALEM (AP705) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  GAJUWAKA(AP231) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  CHIRALA(AP127) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  MARKAPUR(AP327) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  DARSI(AP427) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  UNIT OFFICE GADWAL(AP122) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  UNIT OFFICE GUNTAKAL(AP202) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  UNIT OFFICE JAGITYAL (AP215) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  UNIT OFFICE NIRMAL (AP301) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  UNIT OFFICE PEDDAPALLI (AP315) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  UNIT OFFICE PEBBAIR (AP322) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  UNIT OFFICE TADIPATRI (AP402) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  UNIT OFFICE KORUTLA (AP615) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  UNIT OFFICE TENALI (AP707) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  UNIT OFFICE PIDUGURALLA (AP607) 17th ,April 2014 (Thursday)
  MANCHERIAL (Non Transport_AP101) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  MEDAK at Sangareddy (Non Transport_AP23) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  NALGONDA (Non Trasport_AP024) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  NANDYALA (Non Trasport_AP121) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  NARASARAOPET (Non Trasport_AP107) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  NIZAMABAD (Non Transport_AP25) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  PRAKASHAM (Non Transport_AP27) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  RAJAHMUNDRY (Non Transport_AP105) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  SIDDIPET (Non Transport_AP123) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  SRIKAKULAM (Non Trasport_AP30) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  VIJAYANAGARAM (Non Transport_AP35) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  VIZAG (Non Transport_AP31) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  WARANGAL (Non Transport_AP36) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  PRODDUTUR (AP204) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  Dr Y S R CUDDAPA (AP004) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  NANDIGAMA (AP316) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  GUDIVADA (AP116) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  VIJAYAWADA (AP016) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  IBRAHIMPATNAM (AP129) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  KUKATPALLY (AP328) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  MEDCHAL (AP128) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  RANGAREDDY EAST (UPPAL AP029) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  RANGAREDDY (ATTAPUR AP028) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  HYDERABAD WZ (TOLICHOWKI AP013) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  HYDERABAD EZ (MALAKPET AP011) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  HYDERABAD SZ (KISHANBAGH AP012) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  HYDERABAD NZ(SECUNDRABAD AP010) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
  HYDERABAD CZ(KHAIRATHABAD AP009) (NON TRANSPORT) 19th ,April 2014 (Saturday)
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