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Catagorisation of Vehicles for Registration
S.O.451 (E),dated 19-6-1992` :- In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (4) of Section 41 of the Motor Vehicles Act,1988 (59 of 1988), and in supersession of the Notification No.S.O. 436 (E),dated the 12th June, 1989,except or respects things done or omitted to be done before such supersession the Central Government hereby specified the types of motor vehicles mentioned in column 2 of the table below as the type in respect of motor vehicles specified in the corresponding entry in column 1 thereof for the purposes of sub-section (4).
Sl.No. Transport Vehicles Non-Transport Vehicles
(i) Motor cycle with side car for carrying goods Motor cycle with or without car for personal use
(ii) Motor cycle with trailer to carry goods Motor cycle with trailer to carry personal effects
(iii) Motor cycle used for hire to carry one passenger on pillion and motorised cycle rickshaw for goods/passengers on hire. Mopeds and motorised cycles (engine capacity exceeding 35CC)
(iv) Motor cab and Luxury cabs. Invalid carriage.
(v) Goods carrier trucks/tankers/mail carriers. Three wheeled vehicles for personal use
(vi) Trailors Motor car
(vii) Maxi cab Fork lift
(viii) Stage carriers Vehicles/trailors fitted with equipments like Rig,generator,compressor
(ix) Contract carriages and tourist vehicles Crane mounted vehicle.
(x) Three wheeled vehicles for transport of passenger/goods. Tractor
(xi) Mobile clinic/X-Ray van/library vans Trailors to carry personal effects.
(xii) Private Service Vehicle Tower wagons and tree trimming vehicles.
(xiii) Educational Institution buses. Two Trucks Breakdown Van Recovery Vehicles.
(xiv) Ambulances Omni Buses for private use.
(xv) Mobile canteens Camper van/trailer for private use.
(xvi) Cash vans  
(xvii) Articulated Vehicles  
(xviii) Camper vans/trailers  
(xix) Animal ambulances  
(xx) Hearses  
(xxi) Mobile workshops  
(xxii) Fire tenders,snorked ladders,auxillary trailers and fire fighting vehicles.  
(xxiii) omnibus  
(xxiv) Dumper/Excavator  
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