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Practice for your driver license test by answering the sample questions below. When you are finished, click the CHECK ANSWERS button to reveal the correct answers. The questions below will not appear on the actual test.
1. You are behind a bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off passengers. You should
  a. Overtake from the right
  b. Overtake from the left
  c. Wait behind patiently
  d. Swerve on to the right move on
2. Which age group is most likely to be involved in a road accident ?
  a. 17 To 25 year Olds
  b. 26 to 45 year olds
  c. 55 year olds and over
  d. 46 to 55 year olds
3.   What does this Traffic sign mean ?
  a. Right Reverse Bend
  b. Steep Descent
  c. Left Reverse Bend
  d. Steep Ascent
4.   What does this sign mean ?
  a. No Parking
  b. Motor Cycles and Cars Permitted
  c. National Speed Limit Applies
  d. All Motor Vehicles Prohibited
5.   What does this Traffic sign mean ?
  a. Load Limit
  b. Restriction ends sign.
  c. Axle Load Limit
  d. None of these
6.   What does this sign mean ?
  a. One way signs.
  b. Stop
  c. Give Way
  d. Vehicle prohibited in both directions
7. You are going straight ahead at a roundabout. How should you signal ?
  a. Signal left just after you pass the exit before the one you will take
  b. Signal right on the approach and the left to Exit / Leave the roundabout
  c. Signal left as you leave the exit off the roundabout
  d. Signal left on the approach to the roundabout and keep the signal on until you Exit / Leave the roundabout
8. You are following a long vehicle. It approaches a crossroads and signals left, but moves out to the right. You should
  a. Get closer in order to pass it quickly
  b. Stay well back and give it room
  c. Assume the signal is wrong and it is really turning right
  d. Overtake as it starts to slow down
9.   What does this Traffic sign mean ?
  a. Steep Descent
  b. Compulsory Sound Horn
  c. Slippery Road
  d. None of these
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